If you need to get your car inspected or you have any other concerns about your vehicle’s performance, you can trust our Hyundai service center to get the job done. Here at Kendall Hyundai, we only staff certified Hyundai technicians who are highly qualified to take care of your car and sign off on any necessary inspections. You can contact or visit our Hyundai dealership today to learn more. 

Florida Car Inspections

In recent years, Florida has relaxed its laws regarding vehicle inspections. While regular emissions and safety testing were once required by law, there are now only a couple of situations where you would be required to have your car inspected. The first is if you purchase any vehicle outside the state of Florida. In this case, you’ll need to take your purchase to a certified inspection site, like our Miami Hyundai dealership, to have your car approved. 

More commonly, you are required to have your car inspected if it is a used car purchase, whether it was out of state or in-state. 

Our Service Center

Bring your car over to our Hyundai service center to get an official inspection. We’ll be sure to quickly but accurately get your car inspected so you can get the results you need to hit the road.

Of course, our dealership is also a great place to have your car inspected if you suspect there’s anything wrong with your vehicle, such as if your check engine light is on or if you notice unusual sounds. Our team will scan your car and quickly diagnose the problem. If you need any repairs, you can shop our stock of OEM Hyundai parts and have our team add fresh parts to your car. 

Schedule your service appointment today for an official inspection and reliable service.