Here at Kendall Hyundai, we have a highly-experienced service and parts center designed to meet your all your service needs. Some of the most frequent types of service we offer are oil changes, which keep your engine lubricated and clean for optimal performance. Wondering how often you should get an oil change? Check out our handy guide below so you can take perfect care of your Hyundai vehicle.

When to Get an Oil Change

Three key factors determine how often you should schedule a routine oil change: your type of car, the type of oil your car needs, and how often you drive your car. While most oil changes occur every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or so, this could vary greatly based on these factors. If your vehicle was made in 2008 or after, you can last about six months, or 7,500 miles, without an oil change, whereas older vehicles should change their oil every 5,000 miles or so. In the same vein, newer vehicles tend to use synthetic oil, which can last a lot longer than petroleum-based oil found in older vehicles. If you spend large parts of your day driving or stuck in traffic, you’re most likely burning more oil than usual, which will require you to service your vehicle sooner than if you didn’t drive as often.

Why Visit Our Hyundai Service Technicians?

Our Hyundai service and parts center offers a wide range of services for your 2019 Hyundai Elantra that goes beyond simple oil changes. We’ll also test your brakes, rotate and align your tires, and check your battery, to make sure all of your vehicle’s components are running efficiently.

Getting regular oil changes is extremely important for the life of your Hyundai car, so make sure to read your car’s manual to determine how often you should service your vehicle. When you visit our Hyundai service center in Miami, FL, we’ll be happy to recommend when you should come back for your next oil change. You can schedule a service appointment whenever you want on our website.